Terms of use

Terms of use
Expo-book – The Exhibition Social Network - International Exhibition Portal

Expo-book Mission - collect on a single site all World exhibitions, all the organizers, participants and visitors of international exhibitions, all companies that provide services related to the exhibitions, active and self-motivated people who want to disclose their potential, to facilitate their possibilities of contacts, search for optimal decisions on participation and related services for the Exhibitions.
I.     Expo-book.com Rules (hereinafter - Rules)

1. General Provisions
• These rules define the procedure and conditions for the use of information, news and other materials posted on the website Expo Inter Associates LP (hereinafter - Site Administration) www.expo-book.com (Expo-book) - Social Network Exhibition - International Trade Portal, as well as the rules of use of website and the order of interaction with the site administration.
• Expo-book recognizes the rights of other people's intellectual property and seeks to ensure that the proposed Expo-book platform does not contain content that violates such rights
• All materials posted on the Site are objects of intellectual property (objects of copyright or related rights as well as rights to the means of individualization).
•    All rights of intellectual property owners to posted materials on the site are protected by international law and UK law on the rights of intellectual property.
•  Site Administration Rights are also protected by international law and UK law on the rights of intellectual property
• The use of materials displayed on the Site is allowed only with expressed written consent of the owners of intellectual property, the Site Administration or copyright holder specified in particular material posted on the website or in the vicinity of said material.

•    The right to use and permit the use of materials displayed on the Site owned by other rights holders, rather than administration of the Site is allowed with the permission of copyright holders or in accordance with the conditions established by such owners. None of the provisions of this Regulation give any license to third parties to use the material of holders, directly specified in a particular material posted on the website or in the vicinity of said material.
•    • This Regulation applies to the following users: news agencies, electronic and print media, any natural or legal persons and individual entrepreneurs (hereinafter - the "Users").

2. The use of materials. Type of uses

• By using the site materials refers to reproduction, distribution, public display, message broadcasting, cable communication, translation, processing, communication to the public and other uses envisaged by current international law.
• Use of materials without the permission of the site administration is not allowed.
• Making any changes and / or additions to the materials on the Site, and any processing of the materials is prohibited.
• Use of the Site materials is carried out on the basis of contracts with the Site Administration concluded in written form, or on the basis of a written permit issued by the administration.
• Use of any (non-contractual / without resolution) photos, graphics, video, audio and other materials posted on the website belonging to the Site Administration, and other copyright holders (third parties) is prohibited.
• The cost of using each specific material, or issuance of a permit to use it is established between users, rights holders and the Site Administration in each case.
• If necessary, use of website, the rights to which belong to third parties (other right holders, rather than administration of the Site, as expressly stated in such materials or in the immediate vicinity), Members are obliged to refer to the holders of such materials to obtain permission to use materials .

3. User requirements when using site materials

• When using materials from the Site for any purpose if there is permission from the site, a link to the site is required and should be carried out as follows:
• In print editions or other forms of tangible media users are required to indicate the source material in each case - Website «EXPO-BOOK» (www.expo-book.com)
• On the Internet or other forms of use in electronic form and not on physical media forms, in each case of the use of the materials the user is required to place a link to the site - «EXPO-BOOK» (www.expo-book.com) The hyperlink must be active and straight, pressing which the user moves to a specific page of the Site, which is reflective of the borrowed material.
• Reference to the source or hyperlink referred to in paragraph 3 of these Regulations shall be placed at the beginning of the used text or graphic material, as well as directly below the audio, video, photos, graphics of the site administration.
Font sizes of the reference to the source or a hyperlink should not be less than the font size of the text used in the materials of the Site or the font size of the user's text accompanying the audio, video, photographs and graphics of the Site as well as the color of the link must be identical to the colors of links to Site and must be visible to the user.
• Using materials from the site obtained from secondary sources (from other holders, rather than administration of the Site, as expressly stated in such materials or in the immediate vicinity), is possible only with reference to those sources, and, if necessary, set by such sources (owners), - with their permission.
• Processing the original material (the work), taken from the site is prohibited, including the reduction of the material, its different processing, including distorting its meaning.
• When using materials from the Site for any purpose with the permission of the Site Administration, the use of information, news items online Users should not specify on their site and mailing lists RSS-time-information, news materials identical or before the time of their release on the Site.
4. The rights to any third party materials, settlement of claims

• Materials rights are owned by third parties on the Site are available either with permission obtained by the Site Administration, or, if such use is not expressly prohibited by the owner, in accordance with international law and legislation of the United Kingdom for information purposes with the mandatory name of the author (the Company), who's material is used and the source of borrowing.
• If the designation of authorship materials in accordance with claim 4. of these Regulations contains an error, or if the use of a material with suspected or actual violation of the rights of third parties, or in other cases of dispute, the use of intellectual property displayed on the Site, including in the case where the rights of a third party in any way violated with Site Use the following diagram of the settlement of claims of third parties to the Site Administration is implemented:
• To the Administration of the Site by e-mail is to be sent the claim, which contains information about the object of intellectual property rights that belong to the applicant and which is used illegally throughout the Site or in violation of the rules of use, or otherwise the applicant's rights as the owner of the exclusive rights to intellectual property, posted on the Site are violated through the Site, together with the documents confirming the powers of the applicant, the legal owner of the data and a copy of a power of attorney to act on the copyright owner the person if the person submitting the claim, not the head of the company or just an individual - holder. The complaint also indicates the address of the page of the Site, which contains data that violates the law, and sets out a complete description of the essence of rights violations.
• Site Administration agrees to consider a claim properly issued within a period not less than five (5) working days from the date of receipt by e-mail
• Site Administration shall notify the applicant of the outcome of his application (claim) by sending an e-mail to the address specified by the applicant. Including, the Site Administration has the right to request additional documents, evidence, evidence supporting the legitimacy of the claims being made. In the case of recognition of legitimate claims, Site Administration will take all steps necessary to stop the violations of the rights of the applicant and the settlement of claims.
• Administration of the Site in any case, takes all possible measures for the timely satisfaction of justified claims of third parties and strives to maximize the timely resolution of all contentious issues.

5. Other conditions

• The management reserves the right to change these Terms unilaterally at any time without notice. Any changes will be posted on the Site. Changes take effect upon their publication on the Site.
• For questions rearding the use of this Site Users can access the Site Administration on the following coordinates:
• In all that is not regulated by these Rules in respect of matters of use of materials on the Site shall be governed by the provisions of International Law and the Laws of the UK.

II. Privacy Policy

• Your privacy is paramount
For Expo-book interests of the are participants above all. This principle is the basis of all decisions, including the collection and processing of your personal data.
  Our goal is that you - the participants of Expo-book - always feel confident when it comes to privacy.
• Protection of your personal data is based on generally accepted industry standards.
Expo-book can provide information about you to third parties only with your consent or in accordance with the law, and always notify you of substantial changes to this Privacy Policy.
Keeping your trust is one of the priorities of the Expo-book. To protect the privacy of your personal data using the following principles.
•    Expo-book protects your personal data and provides them to third parties only in the following cases: 1) with your consent; 2) when it is required to carry out your instructions; 3) when it is reasonably necessary to provide services and functionality; 4) in accordance with the requirements of the law, summons to a court or other legal process; 5) to enforce the terms of the User Agreement Expo-book or to protect the rights, property or safety of Expo-book, participants, visitors or the general public.
•    • In accordance with industry standards Expo-book implements a series of measures designed to protect your data.
Expo-book may periodically make changes to this Privacy Policy; in the event of significant changes Expo-book is to publish a notice that you can familiarize yourself with the changes before continuing to use the Expo-book. If you disagree with any changes, you can close your current account. Further use of Expo-book after the publication or distribution of notice of the changes to this Privacy Policy means that you agree with the changes made.

1. Collected Information

• Expo-book Privacy Policy applies to all exhibitors and visitors. Expo-book collects data during your use of the Expo-book for the purpose of personalization and tailored to your interests, including in relation to expand your network and search of business opportunities.

• The collection of personal data is set forth ways.
1.1. Registration
When creating your account, we collect certain information (including your name, email address and password).
1.2. Profile Information
Expo-book collects the information when filling out your profile. Filled profile in the Expo-book, containing information about the professional activities, such as position, education and skills, helping other people find you and offer you different possibilities.
All information, downloaded or synchronized within the Services, is subject to the provisions of the User Agreement and this Privacy Policy.
1.3. Support service
Expo-book collects information when you call the help desk.
Expo-book does not use this information for advertising.
Expo-book does not provide your personal information to third-party advertisers and ad networks for advertising purposes without your separate permission. However, keep in mind that your profile is available for viewing by other participants, as well as public Internet search according to your settings.
1.4. Log files, IP-addresses and information about your computer and mobile device
Expo-book does not collect data from devices and networks that you use to access the Expo-book.
1.5. Other
Expo-book is constantly working to improve the quality of the network, which means that over time new methods of data collection can be implemented.
Expo-book is a dynamic innovation environment, and Expo-book is constantly striving to bring you the services offered to perfection. If Expo-book will start to collect a large extent of new types of personal data and fundamentally change the processing of your data, then this Privacy Policy will be amended accordingly, and you will be notified.

2. Use of Personal Data
2.1. Consent to the processing of personal data
You agree that the information contained in your profile will be available to others and will be used by us in accordance with this Privacy Policy and User Agreement Expo-book.
Personal data provided by you in the Expo-book, can indirectly be used by other people to reveal aspects of your life, other than those specified in the profile explicitly providing Expo-book. Personal data when creating or updating an account and profile, you voluntarily and expressly agree to the terms and the provisions of the User Agreement Expo-book and voluntarily consent to the processing of personal data in accordance with this Privacy Policy. Provision of Expo-book of any information that is confidential under the applicable law, is entirely voluntary.
2.2. Messages and notifications from the Expo-book
Expo-book interacts with you by sending messages, e-mails and other means. Expo-book can send you messages related to information on exhibitions, fairs services, security and other aspects. Expo-book may also send promotional messages to your mailbox. You can change the settings at any time.
2.3. Messages and emails from users
When you send certain types of messages within the network the recipient can see the name, email address and some information about the network of contacts of the sender.
2.4. Web Development; personalized experience
Expo-book uses the information and content you provide to conduct research and development, and to personalize your experience and make the Site more relevant and useful to you.
2.5. Provision of data to third parties
Any information provided by you in your profile and any content published by you on the site Expo-book, may be available to other Members.
Expo-book does not provide sensitive information (such as your e-mail address) to any third party without your consent, unless required by law
Other people can get data from your profile Expo-book through search engines (you can specify in the settings, which parts of a public profile will be available to search engines) or through the services associated with the account Expo-book.
2.6. Polls and surveys
Expo-book carries out its own surveys and questionnaires, as well as helping to carry out such studies to outside organizations. Participation in the surveys and questionnaires is completely voluntary.
2.7. Registration and accommodation information
The management of the website has the right to correction of information introduced by the user, an adjustment of the order of presentation of information, etc.
The management of the website has the right to register on the site, e-mail address that has a freely available (shown on the site, on business cards, advertising brochures, etc.). Registered User provided registration information by sending e-mails.
The management of the website has the right to publish information about the exhibitions, events , activities carried out (organized,) of any other company, if the event ( and etc )  is announced to conduct and it has a freely available information (on websites, brochures, etc.)
2.8. Search
Network Expo-book helps you to find exhibitions, companies, professionals, communities, professional content and Jobs.
2.9. Exhibitions
You are responsible for any content posted by you in the framework of Expo-book, and that information will be available to others
2.10. Companies
You are responsible for any content posted by you in the framework of Expo-book, and that information will be available to others
2.11. Communities
You are responsible for any content posted by you in the framework of Expo-book, and that information will be available to others
2.12. Tenders, Jobs
You are responsible for any content posted by you in the framework of Expo-book, and that information will be available to others.
2.13. Provision of data in the framework of the judicial process, and in other cases provided by law
Expo-book can provide your personal information when called to court or in accordance with other legal process, as well as in cases where it is required to enforce the conditions of User Agreement.
2.14. Disclosure to others as a result of a change of control of the company Expo Inter Associates or its sale
In case of change of control or sale of the company Expo-book completely or partially Expo-book may provide your information to a third party that will receive the right to use this information in accordance with this Privacy Policy.
2.15. Providers
Expo-book may have recourses to third parties for the provision of Services.
Expo-book can use the services of third-party companies and individuals to assist in the development and operation of the network (for example, for the purposes of maintenance, analysis, audit, marketing, and development). These third parties have limited access to your information only to the extent that is necessary to carry out their tasks on behalf of the Expo-book. They are contracted by Expo-book obligation not to disclose or use the information for other purposes.
2.16. Processing of data outside of the country of the Participant
Expo-book can handle your information outside of your country of residence.
3. User rights and requirements
3.1. The right to control personal data and the closure of the account
You can change the data in the Expo-book at any time by editing your profile, by removing the published content or closing your account.
You have the right to: 1) to view, modify, correct and delete their personal data associated with your profile and controlled by Expo-book; 2) modify or remove published content; 3) close your account.
3.2. Saving data
Expo-book keeps your data for as long as your account is active or as long as it is necessary. For example, Expo-book can store certain information, even after the closure of the account, if it is necessary for the fulfillment of legal requirements, dispute resolution, prevention of fraud or abuse, and to ensure the provisions of this Policy.
4. Other conditions
4.1. Minimum age
You must meet the requirements of Expo-book to the minimum age for account creation - 18 years.
4.2. Changes to Privacy Policy
Expo-book will notify you of amendments to this Privacy Policy.
Expo-book may periodically make changes to this Privacy Policy. In the event of significant changes related to the processing of personal data or with the privacy policy, Expo-book will notify you within the Services or by any other means, such as by e-mail.
4.3 Security
Expo-book is serious about security and privacy, and takes steps to protect your data.
In addition, you must remember that the Internet is an unsafe environment, exercise caution and use strong passwords.
Expo-book contact info
Any questions or comments regarding this Privacy Policy should be sent via the website or by regular e-mail.

Contact Information:
Expo Inter Associates LP 
Address: 1 / 2 35 Taits lane , Dundee,
DD2 IDZ, Scotland, Great Britain